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Pop that cork

Cork is trending. The use of this natural product is no longer confined to flooring or champagne bottles; you can now also find it on the catwalk or in a fashionista's wardrobe.

by PickpocketAccessories
by PickpocketAccessories

In a context of climate change people are changing their lifestyle habits accordingly and designers are becoming more creative in the conscious use of eco-friendly natural materials. As an interesting alternative to leather, chic cork handbags, belts and wedges can add an element of luxury to your outfit. Due to their neutral color, a flattering shade of nude, cork accessories are versatile and literally go with everything.

Moreover, cork is a sustainable product and is very easy to clean so you'll find yourself lasting years wearing that feather-light cork handbag. Cork products even are water-resistant, which of course is a supreme quality to have in a handbag or shoes.

Women can get their fancy cork handbags at ROK CORK, a webshop whose #1 priority is to promote the sustainability of the Portuguese Cork trees. On top of that, cork is not only fashionable but also extremely comfortable to wear. Cork wedges for example not only are light-weight and soft to touch, the cork material also absorbs the shock to your heel, which only adds to your comfort. So, to be a natural beauty in natural materials, consider a touch of comfy cork!

by Angel Navedo
by Angel Navedo

However, these cork fashion items are not reserved to women only. Last year Nike released cork Air Max 90 men's sneakers and Ralph Lauren incorporated cork into its Spring collection. Cork fashion even offers amazing handcrafted products like cork ties, wallets and caps. In addition to that, their collection made of selected cork from Portuguese cork oak trees, also offers cork iPad and phone covers, and even laptop bags!

So, man or woman, get your cork on and make it pop!

This article was originally published on greenfashion