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3 Epic Reasons To Blog On Small Teaser

Blogging Together

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering or have considered starting a blog. Let’s cut to the chase: blogging is tough as s***! You know this. We know this. 90% of bloggers will never make a single dollar for their content. Even worse, 90% gives up on their blog within three months!

In my recent blogpost, I talked about how Small Teaser is trying to facilitate the blogging process for both the aspiring blogger, the frustrated blogger, and the ambitious publisher. (learn more about the 4 Ways To Make Blogging Easier here)

But what exactly are the reasons you should pick the Small Teaser blogging platform over any of our competitors? Which specific features set us apart from the Mediums, the Wordpresses, and the Google Bloggers of the world?

Get Paid To Write From Day One

As nice as it is to have a hundred amazing, nifty features, the majority of people out there interested in blogging are mostly motivated by the following two concepts:

1. Turning their blogging hobby into a profitable career.

2. Creating a legit platform where they get to share their experiences, their content, and their passion with a like-minded community of followers.

Small Teaser can most definitely help bloggers achieve that first goal. Actually, we have several publications, thanks to the built-in ad server, raking in thousands of dollars per month! The ad server allows bloggers to sell their own ad campaigns, while keeping 85% of ad revenue. Our platform also boasts a backup for those bloggers that don’t necessarily worry about making as much as possible: the ad _network _fills out any empty ad spaces in your publication, and still yields the users 50% of the generated revenue! (check out our help center to learn more about our shared ad-revenue)

The message is pretty simple: Write and Earn! We want you to be able to simply head over to our website, write your article, and immediately see actual cold hard cash stacking up in your wallet from your very first post.

Paid To Blog — by Sasha Sadri
Paid To Blog — by Sasha Sadri

Find Readers – Built-in Traffic

In order to maximize earnings our platform provides bloggers and publishers with several tools. Whether you choose to start a group publication (aka magazine) or simply write standalone articles occasionally, your content automatically gets pushed to other relevant Small Teaser publications.

Based on your tags and article text, our algorithm makes sure your content shows up in other publishers’ inboxes! Both the publisher and you benefit: they get great, new content to publish in their magazine, while you get a gang of new readers (hello views!), ultimately resulting in more revenue for you.

By getting rid of the pressure and stress of having to grow your own audience, we suddenly have made it significantly easier for anyone out there (with some sort of writing talent) to start blogging for cash.

Others will love the idea of being part of a passionate community that shares similar interests, and being able to inspire (and get inspired), follow, and connect with peers.

Find Your Community
Find Your Community

It’s Free-To-Use

So I hear you thinking “Ok, what’s the catch, dude?”. There is none! We don’t ask for a monthly fee from our bloggers and publishers to use our platform; we don’t put additional features behind a “premium membership” deal; it’s literally free-to-use.

We understand setting up, or even building, your own website can be a costly affair (hosting costs, domain name, developing, ..), without even knowing what the return on your investment will be. Small Teaser offers a viable solution with potentially lucrative returns for motivated and passionate bloggers looking for a minimalist design and layout.

Additionally, readers looking for interesting new content can find and follow articles and authors they care about in one central location, without having to click through a myriad of websites. And, of course, there are no pay-walls, and no limitations on how many articles you’re allowed to read. small Now, it’s nice for our competitors to have a blogging platform with 1 million users, millions and millions of total monthly views, while featuring all the hip, and cool influencers…but let’s be real: when your article on those platforms just had half a million reads and you earned ZERO dollars. That’s not ok. Time to move your talents. Today.

For a comprehensive list of how Small Teaser can quite literally change your life, just head over to or just reach out to me via email, social media, or even smoke signals, if necessary.

One last thing. And this is purely out of curiosity: if you won’t consider blogging on Small Teaser, what would make you want to blog on Small Teaser? Drop a comment below or message me. Thanks for your time!

Happy earnings!

This article was originally published on @sashasadri